hello authority

one morning
when she saw how
could increase
the price of coffee
she decided 
to say no no I stop the coffee

then she refused the shower
promissing to herself
I'll never ever work anymore
then wearing a brown jacket
and running outside

in the wild
she decided
to live on her wild side
stealing packs of coffee then smiling
to the camera
then saying

hello authority
I'm your worst ennemy

always going from bed to bed
shouting in the shops
spiting at the cops
then kicking in the trash
drinking for all the happy hours
sleeping over ashtraies
thinking this is not my home

Nothing's to me

I'm free at least I am free

I lost my mind
I cut the chains
discovered love and pain
and I am free
free but not happy
never happy
think it's logic well
I've got the right to be happy
I live in hope to hope for hope
and I drink more and more

just like dad

to live wildely
to live sad

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