2 more songs of pain

The man you are 

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Another year’s passing
And I’m still thinking about you
My never born feline
My lady lazy queen
With an atrophied hand
And a beautiful smile
Another year’s passing
And a ghost is still missing
In my room in my dressing
A ghost is still missing
And it terrifies me
Another year’s passing
And the lazy queen’s dead
And I’m a worry old man
And the schizophrenia takes me
And I lose my mind
And it’s all have been done
An it’s all have been won
You’re the one you’re the lord
And the man you are

Pretty smile

I’m in love with a special women
who’s job’s  to tell the history of knives
she told me how to cut the jam
she told me how to be a free man
I’m in love with a clever woman
Who’s got a light and charming  sense of humor
A way to some horrors
And a realy pretty smile

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